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Lithium-Ion Battery
lithium ion battery
Next generation battery !  lithium ion storage battery
Long Life No.1 Light WeightNo.1 Bounty Lineup Adoption track record About Maker Safety

Lithium ion storage is a ideal battery as a household usage storage battery system and as sub battery

The lithium-ion batteries are widely used as a common battery for laptop, cell phones and portable game machines etc. However, there is a large barrier in the price and large capacity lithium-ion batteries are difficult to obtain

●Hight Safety and easy to use reality high end offshore maker battery

In Japan, when consumer divert towards Lithium-ion battery, measures needed to ensure safety and durability. In addition, Japanese battery manufacturers restricted their supply of batteries to automobile manufacturers therefore for general use supply has been limited and very difficult to partner with.

Have changed such a state, its a high durablity and safety test cleared offshore invehicle business maker lithium storage battery




Long LifeNo.1

Perfect longlife...easy to preserve... time and effort of exchange can also be saved !

number of times of charge and discharge of a lithium ion storage battery is more than 7.5 times of a conventional battery.

It is said to be strong for repetition charge and discharge, 7.5times or more then the deep cycle battery !

Lithium ion storage battery, at the usage rate of 50%, they are the 5000 number of times or more of charge and discharge



weight is half of any other battery or storage battery used so far ?


The conventional lead battery is very heavy - the weight of w lithium ion storage battery is the half of a conventional battery !

Also in the case of installation or movement,it becomes very easier than conventional battery. Purposes of sub-battery car, can improve fuel economy by reducing the weight!

Since size is very compact therefore easy to install even at narrow place ! Worth seeing !!


lithium ion storage battery is half weight of  conventional battery




High energy density, high-voltage, lightweight, high performance, long life, the world's leading product has the advantage of much more.

480Wh (40Ah) 12000Wh from (1000Ah) lineup are 18 types of Lithium-ion battery production.
Please choose according to your requirment.


Lithium ion storage battery lineup



Cost comparison with the conventional product

Although it looks costlier but since you can use it for longer time it become cheaper battery !





Bridge metal fittings which connect the terminal of a cell
knob which connects a cable without any tool



Its worth seeing for people who use high electricity consumption electrical products!
(Microwave oven)(Electric port)(Air conditioner) etc can also be operated !



Winston, Inc. Global Energy provides batteries for electric vehicles and boats from around the world, these cells are efficient and environmentally friendly.

All products in the factory are tested with strict quality and safety, our manufacturing process is certified under the EU's CE is equivalent to ISO9001.

CNAS and CMA a qualified approval of the National Committee of China pass reputation, PONY TEST is a comprehensive testing facility for large Third Party ran with in ISO / IEC 17025 and (pony test) by our certified.


PONY TEST is concluding an agreement with 58 national and regional UK, Germany and the United States, there is public confidence test report internationally established a laboratory in the country now four large and four regional offices, such as Britain and Hong Kong There are 19 branches, is the international testing organization that Carver whole world.

In addition, PONY TEST is testing mechanisms that lithium-ion battery safety approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of China, is recognized as an authenticated battery safety products airlift




In the field of safety, shorts, shooting test, over discharge / overcharge, water immersion test, has been pursuing a thorough safety testing, such as fire。



RE Our lithium battery, patented 12 inventions in China, has a number of patents in 26 countries. And our products, we have independent intellectual property rights.

Winston Co., Global Energy, Inc. MVP RV, crystal company,
In collaboration with research and development, including major domestic auto manufacturers and Balqon Corporation, will produce electric vehicle batteries lithium RE. California has its own electric vehicle production base.

Has completed a large-scale production capacity of electric vehicles and international sales network, these electric vehicles are equipped with a proprietary lithium battery. The technical knowledge and years are aging, and a wonderful finished product more secure.


●Emergency power vehicle

Emergency power supply vehicle, and active in disaster or power failure. Single-phase alternating current and the inverter is divided into three phases, it is possible to transfer a high-power battery pack lithium yttrium RE. Typically, you must select the charge time to charge the battery pack for you

●Blackout energy storage cabinets

Intelligent energy storage cabinets blackouts
This product is a kind of energy storage devices have been developed for users of long-term uninterruptible power supply to the needs of their Lord.
For example, family villas, large hotels, shops, shools, hospitals, and various research institutes. The device allows you to set a time and output time according to different power energy storage, you can set the time value of the output power disruption.
Storage devices automatically is waiting, ready to power failure.

●EV Charging Station

High power, high current, with a dedicated interface, perform the electric vehicle.


A significant performance degradation and misuse may be dangerous

Please be sure to follow protection objectives.

  • Please do not short at any cost.
  • The battery voltage please be sure to keep at least 10.5V. Ideally, keep the above 11.0V.
  • Please do not overcharge. 4V single cell, please do not exceed the 16V across the cell.
  • Inside Lithium-ion battery small amounts of liquid are included so completely maintenance-free type such as the replenishment of the liquid is not necessary.
  • We recommend installation on a terminal facing.
  • In normal use the hydrogen gas does not occur.
  • Self-discharge rate of about2- 3% /
  • Wet and No Fire
  • Environmental temperature is -10 ~ 60 ℃, with superior range performance of the original that is 20 ℃ -30 ℃
  • If there were any chance of the following symptoms, please discontinue use immediately. Fluid leaking from the body ※, crack bulge may not discharge, the voltage out of the default
  • Does not overcharge or over-discharge, please check if there are cracks or bulges around the body .
  • Lithium-ion battery is connected in parallel to such series and can not increase its capacity
Since a lithium ion storage battery changes performance and a life a lot with the environment or directions for use like a lead battery, except for the breakage at the time of delivery of goods, etc., there are no product warranties due to performance decrement etc.

When phenomena, such as voltage besides a default which should not perform the liquid leak from a main part, the swelling of a main part or a crack, and charge and discharge, are seen, please stop use promptly.

リチウムイオン蓄電池12000 ご購入
※Lithium ion battery 3120Wh(260A)~12000Wh(1000A)
requires a separate dedicated charger。

※Products cost and discount will apply according to content selected by the radio button. Payment amount, after applying discount amount the product cost correction will change by following business day therefore please understand this beforehand.



※At our shop, we sell it clubbing four items.

※Color, design, and specification might have changed without a prior prelimina

Ideal battery system! FINALLY arrived, high spec model!
Built-in sine wave inverter charger UPS1500
[Sine wave 1500W! UPS Function (Uninterruptible power supply)!

Normal Price 975 (including taxes)
Price 798 (including taxes)

Delivery within 2 weeks of order placment

Delivery within 2 weeks of order placment

Delivery within 2 weeks of order placment

Delivery within 2 weeks of order placment

Delivery within 2 weeks of order placment

Delivery within 2 weeks of order placment

Delivery within 2 weeks of order placment

Delivery within 2 weeks of order placment

Delivery within 2 weeks of order placment

Delivery within 2 weeks of order placment

Delivery within 2 weeks of order placment

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