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Portable cooler la. cool

Very popular in europe ! Easy to carry, although compact power is approx 560Kcal

Portable cooler la. cool

Selling Price:$1029(including taxes)

voltage 100V 50hz/60Hz
maximum power consumption 900W
Power consumption 540W
Exterior unit 18.5 cm by 43 cmx39 cm in height, weight of 17 kg
Interior unit 18.5 cm by 40 cmx30 cm in height, weight of 6 kg
Main part weight sum total 23kg
Accessories Remote control
The hose which connect an exterior unit and interior unit (attachment and detachment are impossible)  5.5 cm[ in width ] x length.
Hose connecting the indoor unit outdoor unit ※ (non removable), 90cm wide 5.5cm × length regarding dehumidified water is accumulated in the indoor unit up to about 800cc, transferred to the outdoor unit automatically becomes 800cc, discharge from drain The. Wastewater drain, the indoor unit, but we're both attached to the outdoor unit, indoor unit to the drain has been a rubber stopper. For example, after use or when moving the unit, unplug the product is used to drain water from the indoor unit.




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